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A Favorable Climate for Trusts

New Hampshire offers some of the most attractive trust laws in the country, making it one of the leading states in which to create and manage trusts. The state's laws enable a great deal of flexibility in creating trusts that meet particular goals or fulfill specific wishes. These laws also make New Hampshire an attractive state to transfer an existing trust for administration.

The benefits of New Hampshire’s trust laws are available to residents and non-residents of New Hampshire. 

Cambridge Trust of New Hampshire makes it possible for clients to take advantage of New Hampshire's robust trust laws and favorable tax climate. Among the advantages New Hampshire offers are:

  • Delegated Trusts
  • Directed Trusts 
  • Dynasty Trusts
  • Purpose Trusts
  • Spendthrift Trusts
  • Wealth Protection Trusts
  • Modifiable and Waivable Duties
  • Trust Protectors and Trust Advisors
  • Administrative Efficiencies

Multiple Benefits for NH Residents & Non-Residents 

New Hampshire's trust laws provide for benefits ranging from tax advantages to asset protection and more expansive views of trusteeship. Here are a few highlights:

  • Under NH law, administration of a trust can be divided among two or more trustees, overturning the traditional concept of a unitary trusteeship.
  • NH offers tax advantages for Non-Grantor Trusts.
  • NH allows settlors (a settlor is the person who creates a trust) to create asset protection trusts and retain certain rights, powers and interests. The trust must meet requirements related to: a qualified trustee; NH governing law; irrevocability; and spendthrift provisions.

Experience that Makes a Difference

The Cambridge Trust NH team is comprised of financial and legal professionals with deep experience helping clients understand how NH-based trusts can fit within their overall portfolios and positively impact their financial situations. To learn more: Download our fact sheet for more information.

Susan Martore-Baker
President, Cambridge Trust Company of New Hampshire
(603) 369-5101 or susan.martore-baker@cambridgetrust.com

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Susan Martore-Baker,
President, Cambridge Trust Company of New Hampshire

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