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Investment Process


Our Approach

Our portfolios, which typically include a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash, offer a way for investors to meet their long-term financial goals while moderating short-term stock market volatility. Through careful monitoring of asset allocation and disciplined security selection, Cambridge Trust's in-house investment team provides clients with long-term capital growth while minimizing risk.

We work with each client to tailor asset allocation to their individual needs. To see examples of typical client portfolios, download the most recent quarterly fact sheets for our Equity Income StrategyEquity Income - BalancedCore Equity Strategy, Core Equity GrowthMid CapSustainable & Responsible Investing, and Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI) – Growth portfolios.

Research Driven

Cambridge Trust uses a core or blended style, which we believe enables us to better capture attractive valuations across a wider spectrum of global investment opportunities than a rigid “growth” or "value" style. Our internally developed, research-driven process is managed by our team of portfolio managers and analysts. We build discretionary portfolios consisting of our best investment ideas, focusing on individual global equities, fixed income securities, exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds. Our team-oriented approach fosters spirited discussion and rigorous evaluation of investments. More often than not, the resolution of team debate brings greater conviction to an investment idea or theme.

Rigorous Discipline

Because we believe that capital markets are semi-efficient, we employ a discounted cash flow analysis or relative value comparison for selection of equities. We review a large universe of equities, with market capitalizations typically exceeding $1.0 billion. Our fixed income portfolios emphasize duration and credit quality differences among bonds; municipal bonds are used as warranted.

An internally developed sell discipline is based on quantitative and qualitative data and is designed to combat emotional biases.


Our investment group works closely with the Trust Committee, composed of five outside Directors and the CEO of Cambridge Trust Company. Most of the Trust Committee members are current or former members of the investment profession, including portfolio and fund management and alternative investments. We meet with the Committee at least once monthly to discuss governance, strategy, asset allocation, and security selection.

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