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The Social Entrepreneur’s Challenge: Scaling Impact Beyond Organizations
Katie Smith Milway

Whether it’s called giving back, paying it forward, or social business, the desire to impact society through social entrepreneurship has never been stronger. Drawing on her extensive background in journalism, nonprofit management and strategy consulting, as well as the heartwarming true story in her book, One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference, Katie Smith Milway examines how the growth of social entrepreneurship is at risk of creating well-intentioned, but fragmented efforts that dilute the benefits to society. She suggests ways that social entrepreneurs can scale their impact beyond the constraints of their organizations.

An interview with Katie Smith Milway, long-time social entrepreneur, researcher and best-selling children’s book author.

Katie Smith Milway is a partner and head of the Knowledge practice at the Boston office of The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit and philanthropy advisor. In addition to being a best-selling children’s book author, Katie is the co-founder and chair of One Hen, Inc., a nonprofit that uses microfinance as a model to teach business building and giving back to youth.

In this Thought Series interview, Katie talks about the growth of giving back through social entrepreneurship. But with so many individuals starting their own social organizations, the overall impact can be spread too thin. She explains how small social enterprises can produce big results.  

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