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Cash Management


Our variety of cash management products and services can help you manage your cash flow more efficiently and improve your bottom line. We'll work with you to create an integrated package that meets your specific needs.

Online Banking

With BizBanker, financial control is just a click away for business owners and managers, providing easy access to bank account information. Read More

Mobile Banking

With BizBanker Mobile you can monitor transactions, deposit checks, and pay bills from your mobile device or tablet. Read More

Remote Deposit Capture

Depositing checks is always satisfying. With Cambridge Trust’s Remote Deposit Capture Service, it can be convenient too. Read More

Business Online Payroll

Manage your payroll directly from your BizBanker account. You’ll save time and have the flexibility to manage all of your payroll needs anytime, anywhere. Read More

Account Reconciliation Services

We can help you reduce the time needed to manually sort and track monthly checks and deposits. This service provides useful audit trails with detailed reports in various formats, lists paid and/or outstanding checks, and sorts check images and deposit items in numerical order.

Automatic Investment Service

Make your funds work harder for you by setting a target balance for your checking account and having the excess funds swept automatically into a savings or money market account for higher yields.

Zero Balance Account

Our Zero Balance Account (ZBA) service provides you with an efficient means of cash flow control among multiple operating accounts. You can concentrate your funds into a single account and disburse funds to multiple operating accounts as needed. This service will eliminate idle funds in disbursement accounts while improving funds control and productivity.

For more information about our cash management products and services, contact Patricia Mullin, vice president, cash management manager, at 617-441-1408 or